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Principal's Message


My name is Laurie Reesor, and I am thrilled to be the Principal of St. John Paul II.

Welcome to St. John Paul II, a school where students spread their wings and learn how to SOAR! We love to see our students Soaring! SOAR represents our core school values which are:

S- Seek to make a difference through safe and inclusive strength-based positive education

O- Open minds and Open hearts through our Catholic faith, strong relationships, and inquiry-based learning

A- Achievement through effort, grit and accepting each other's strengths and diversity

R- Respectful, Resilient, and Restorative


We are proud to be Junior Falcons. At St. John Paul II, staff, students, families, and the greater community work together to create a nourishing environment where students feel like they belong, are valued, seen, and heard. The fabric that runs throughout our school community is one of caring, believing and accepting each other.

We know we are on the right flight path when parents and family members see their children thriving, flourishing, and taking positive risks; students feel a sense of belonging, are progressing in their academic, social, and emotional development and staff are happy to come to work.

We have the best jobs in the world! Each day we are rewarded as we work with students as they grapple and conquer academic, social, and emotional challenges. We believe in a collaborative, inclusive working environment where each member of the team contributes their strengths and looks for what is right. Together, we foster academic excellence, mental and physical wellness as well as having support in place when needed. We celebrate creativity and outside the box thinking through the Arts and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities.

We are approachable to families, students, and the greater community. We believe in the importance of developing relationships with each other; we strive to get to know everyone in the building and community. Our staff creates an inclusive, diverse, and safe learning environment. We promote inquiry-based learning that is rooted in our Catholic teachings and in our shared responsibility to our stewardship of the environment.

When things go wrong, as they sometimes do, we believe in working toward restorative practices where students can own and learn from their mistakes and forgive each other. When required, we move through progressive discipline which is a continuum of interventions, supports and consequences that are used to encourage students to make good choices and address inappropriate behaviour. The approach is corrective and supportive rather than punitive.

The board’s theme, “I belong here, we are all God’s Good News,” is celebrated and visible in all the ways that we SOAR at SJP II!

I look forward to working with you and thank you for choosing us to be partners with you in your child’s education.

Your Together in Catholic Education,

Laurie Reesor, Principal

Go Jr. Falcons!